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Attorney Frank Bredimus Will Help You to Navigate Today's Complex Legal System

The Law Office of Frank Bredimus COVID-19 Response

Out of an abundance of caution, Frank Bredimus will be conducting meetings telephonically. Additionally, the bankruptcy court is no longer requiring clients to meet face-to-face with their attorneys as the bankruptcy court entered an order temporarily suspending the requirement to obtain original signatures from debtors submitting electronic filings. We will notify you to any changes as they occur.

A Loudoun County Bankruptcy Lawyer with Over 30 Years of Experience

If you or your business are suffering from crippling debt you feel helpless to recover from, bankruptcy may be an option for you. Frank will provide you with a free bankruptcy consultation to review the details of your financial situation and determine if you qualify for bankruptcy protection. Take your first step in relieving the financial pressure by calling today to schedule your free bankruptcy consultation.

Decades of Legal Experience

With over 30 years of experience, Frank Bredimus helps clients in Loudoun County with an array of legal issues. Frank offers clear, straight-forward, and direct advice, and he treats your case or issue as if it was his own.


A Wide Range of Services

From bankruptcy to tax law, from civil litigation to estate planning in Loudoun County, Attorney Frank Bredimus has the legal skill and experience you need. 


Affordable Representation

Frank is adept at finding the best, yet most economical solution to your legal matters and alleviating your stress and concerns about that legal matter. He understands the needs of his Loudoun County clients.


Are You Considering Personal or Business Bankruptcy? 

Times have never been more uncertain than they are now. With jobless rates at an all time high, many people and businesses are now considering bankruptcy protection for the first time. Frank has been offering bankruptcy protection services for over thirty years. 

What Type of Bankruptcy Are You Considering?

Protecting Your  Legal Interests

In his established law practice, Frank provides legal services, personal bancruptcy and business bancruptcy services for his Loudoun County clients relating to complex civil litigation such as contract disputes and domestic relations, personal and business reorganizational and liquidation bankruptcies, tax issues with the Internal Revenue Service and the Virginia Department of Taxation, company formations, contract preparations, estate planning, and DUIs.  Attorney Bredimus is a respected Loudoun County Estate Planning lawyer.

No matter your legal question or problem, Frank is a legal problem-solver by trade, and empathetic by nature and offers clear, straight-forward, and direct advice. He treats your case or issue as if it was his own. 

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