Choosing a Lawyer

You want to hire the best attorney for your situation. How do you find the best lawyer for your specific needs?

You Should Consider the Following:

Education- where did your potential attorney go to school? Where in their class did they rank? 

Experience- how long has this lawyer been in practice?

Subject experience- how long has this lawyer been focused on this area of the law?

Rankings (sometimes these are a popularity contest written by peers or paid for with an advertising budget.)

Success rate in the court- for example, how many confirmations has this lawyer had in the bankruptcy court?

Price- a big price tag doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting a better lawyer.

Familiarity with the court- how often does this lawyer attend the respective court? 

Once Frank Bredimus takes on your case, he treats it like it is his personal problem. He is fighting for your best interest and not trying to log hours by submitting mounds of paperwork to run up a bill you’ll have to pay. He treats you as a client the way he would want to be treated.

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